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The Deli

Artisan Delights for Exceptional Tastes

Whether you’re looking to share a meal, grab food on the go, or fill your cupboards with some incredible flavours, we’re here to bring you the exciting new products and flavours you crave. Here is just a small taste of what you can expect when you step into our deli.

Coffee. Crafted

We think everyone deserves quality coffee, which is why we’re serious about provenance and taste. We respect and celebrate every step of the crop-to-cup journey and take great pride in perfecting our craft. So, pop in and enjoy one of our handcrafted coffees, or pick up a bag of our specially sourced whole-bean and ground coffee to brew at home.





Flat white


Long Black coffee


White Americano










Hot chocolate




Coffee Crafted, Thames Ditton


We have a delivery of some exceptional breads every day. From sourdoughs to olive breads, spelt to rye, we have a loaf for everyone. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for freshly baked buttery croissants, an indulgent flaky pastry, or are tempted by our range of delightful cakes, we can assure you there is a mouth-watering pick-me-up to suit all tastes.

Light Bites to Eat in or Take Out

Pick up one of our delicious sandwiches, warming soups, or fresh salads. Every day, everything is made fresh and available at our deli counter.

Lite Bites, Limetree, Thames Ditton
Traditionally Made Cheese

Traditionally Made Cheese

When choosing our selection of cheeses, we always prioritise flavour and provenance. Our range is constantly refreshed based on quality and season, ensuring we showcase only the finest hand-made cheese. So, whether you prefer a hard, rinded, or soft cheese, we can assure you we have the product for you. Explore the varieties of goat, sheep, and cow cheeses, as well as pasteurised and unpasteurized ones. When you pop in, there will always be something new.


Fill your shelves with our range of delightful cupboard essentials. All our products have been sourced from only the finest makers and are a sure-fire way to bring exciting flavours and endless possibilities to all your meals.

Bottlestore, Limetree, Thames Ditton


We believe in championing small, independent makers you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Above all, our hand-selected range is chosen for its unrivalled character and quality, and we love to focus on organic, low-intervention, and natural varieties. If you’re looking for some advice, just ask one of your team and we would love to tell you more about the incredible stories behind them. We’ve also sought out some magical local gins as well as some delightful independent beers.